What is Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth?

If you love Formula 1, you might wonder how much money Lewis Hamilton has. He’s a famous racer, but figuring out his net worth can be tough. Today we will tell you all about Lewis Hamilton’s money—how he earns it, his endorsements, and how rich he is overall. Whether you’re a big racing fan or just curious about celebrity wealth, let’s find out about upcoming Ferrari F1 driver Lewis Hamilton’s net worth!

Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth in 2024

Lewis Hamilton, the champion Formula One driver, has amassed a significant fortune throughout his racing career. Estimates suggest his net worth sits around $285 million in 2024. This impressive wealth comes from multiple sources. His primary income is a hefty salary from Mercedes-Benz, placing him among the highest-paid athletes globally.

In 2023 alone, his reported salary was $55 million. Beyond his racing income, Hamilton has leveraged his fame to secure lucrative endorsement deals with major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Bose, and Monster Energy. These partnerships undoubtedly contribute a substantial amount to his net worth.

Lewis Hamilton’s Salary & Contracts

Lewis Hamilton’s salary and contracts in Formula 1 are among the highest in the sport. As of 2024, Hamilton’s annual salary is estimated to be over $55 million, making him one of the highest-paid drivers on the grid.

Hamilton has signed multi-year contracts with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, reportedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars. These contracts include performance bonuses and endorsement opportunities, reflecting Hamilton’s status as one of the most successful and marketable athletes in the world.

What Are Lewis Hamilton’s Business Ventures and Endorsements?

Lewis Hamilton has leveraged his fame and success on the track to build a significant business empire beyond Formula One. Here’s a breakdown of his known ventures and endorsements, though specific earnings figures are often not publicly disclosed.

Business Ventures:

  • Vegan Burger Chain Investment: A passionate advocate for veganism, Lewis Hamilton has invested in Neat Burger, a plant-based burger chain with locations in major cities worldwide. This investment aligns with his personal beliefs and allows him to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Film Production: Stepping into the world of entertainment, Lewis Hamilton is co-producing a film about Formula One. Details about the film, including its title and release date, are still under wraps, but it allows Hamilton to explore storytelling within the sport he dominates.

  • Sustainable Non-alcoholic Tequila Brand: In October 2023, Hamilton launched his own brand of non-alcoholic tequila called Almave. This innovative beverage caters to the growing market for premium non-alcoholic spirits and highlights Lewis’s entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Apparel and Fashion: Lewis Hamilton has a long-standing partnership with Tommy Hilfiger, where he co-created a clothing line that blends fashion with his personal style and activism.

  • Energy Drinks and Sportswear: Major brands like Monster Energy and Puma recognize Lewis’s athletic image and have secured endorsement deals with him. These partnerships likely bring in a substantial amount of money.

  • Technology and Audio Equipment: Deals with Bose and Sony showcase Lewis’s association with cutting-edge technology brands.

He is Also Known For His Lifestyle and Philanthropy

Hamilton’s lifestyle isn’t just about speed and adrenaline on the racetrack. Off-track, he immerses in luxurious experiences with his superb wealth, and his heart beats for philanthropy. Explore a bit more into this side of his life:

Properties and Assets

Hamilton has an impressive portfolio of luxury properties stretching from London to Monaco, New York, and beyond. These real estate assets aren’t just any properties; they’re top-tier luxury homes that characterize his lifestyle. Among his collection is a $40 million Manhattan penthouse and a $25 million London mansion, showcasing his taste for the finest things in life.

Charitable Contributions

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Hamilton’s gentler, compassionate side is evident. He’s known for his charitable contributions, specifically towards efforts promoting sustainability and ethical consumption. But he doesn’t just write checks. Hamilton is actively involved in his philanthropic pursuits, making sustainable and ethical lifestyle choices to lead by example. His investment in Neat Burger, a plant-based fast food chain, reflects this ethos.

Hamilton’s substantial wealth, estimated at $285 million, does more than just fund a luxurious lifestyle. It also fuels his philanthropic interests, further cementing his role as a multifaceted icon.

Lewis Hamilton’s Car Collection

Hamilton’s collection brims with luxury and vintage vehicles. Yet, you’d be surprised to know that every car nestles in his collection for a reason, mirroring Hamilton’s passion for speed and design. His assemblage comprises an elite McLaren P1, worth a whopping USD 1.2 million, and a classic 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, a royal indulgence for around USD 13 million. What’s even more eye-catching is his very own 1966 Shelby Cobra 427, a masterpiece acquired for USD 48 million.

Despite selling his Pagani Zonda 760 LH, worth around USD 1.9 million, in 2021, his Mercedes-AMG Project One car lurks around. This speed beast is worth a cool USD 2.4 million. Rumor has it, that he helped develop two Mercedes-AMG Ones, keeping one for himself. Now, that’s what you call style!

The cherry on top, the Briton fancies putting his foot down in a pair of Ferrari LaFerraris. Don’t forget the humble yet classic Mini Cooper that adds a touch of Britain to his collection.

Lewis Hamilton Will Be In Ferrari’s F1 seat from 2025 Season 

Lewis Hamilton is set to leave Mercedes and join Ferrari, replacing Carlos Sainz from next season. Activating a release clause in his Mercedes contract, Hamilton will enter a “multi-year” deal with Ferrari, as confirmed by the team. This move comes shortly after Charles Leclerc’s contract renewal with Ferrari, setting Leclerc as Hamilton’s teammate.

Hamilton, a seven-time world champion and the most successful driver in F1 history with 103 wins and 104 pole positions, brings a wealth of experience and achievement to Ferrari. His transition marks the end of a prolific era with Mercedes, where he secured six of his world titles since joining in 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver. He competes in Formula 1 for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. He is considered one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport, having won seven World Drivers’ Championship titles.

What is Lewis Hamilton’s car collection like?

Lewis Hamilton has an impressive collection of exotic cars. His collection includes models from McLaren, Pagani, and Ferrari among others. He also has a keen interest in classic American muscle cars.

What philanthropic endeavors is Lewis Hamilton known for?

Hamilton has a history of supporting numerous charities. He started the ‘Hamilton Commission’ to research and promote diversity within UK motorsport. He also regularly donates and fundraisers for education and health initiatives.

Is Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari?

Yes, Hamilton will be driving for Ferrari F1 team from 2025 season. 

What team does Lewis Hamilton currently race for?

Lewis Hamilton currently races for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. He has been with them since 2013 and has won multiple championships with the team.

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