Ferrari 12Cilindri Price, Specs, Top Speed & HP

Assemble automobile enthusiasts! It’s the time of the year again; the World’s most celebrated Italian car manufacturer, Ferrari has stunned the world with its next Grand Tourer – Ferrari 12Cilindri. As discussed in one of our articles, the company was expected to unveil a trio of new models this year, and, the one that replaces the successful 812 Superfast, is already here. 

But, if you are thinking it’s just another new Ferrari supercar with the latest tech and a hefty price tag, you would be wrong. With 12Cilindri, the Scarlet Beast has stood true to its core values, which have defined the brand for, nearly 7 decades. Yes, we are talking about the groundbreaking V12 engine, which has graced several legendary Ferrari GT cars, including the Formula 1 world championship winners between 2000 and 2004. 

Ferrari 12Cilindri Specifications

Before we begin our first impression and analysis, let’s have a glance at some key specifications of the upcoming Maranello masterpiece:

  • Engine – 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 (No turbocharged)
  • Maximum Power – 819 horsepower at 9250 rpm
  • Torque – 678 Nm at 7250 rpm
  • Transmission – 8-speed with Dual-clutch automatic system
  • Maximum Engine Speed (Redline) – 9500 rpm
  • Top Speed – 340km/h ( 217 mph)
  • 0-60 mph – 2.9 seconds
  • Drivetrain – Rear-wheel drive
  • Tyres and Wheels – Michelin Pilot SportS5 or Gooyear F1 Eagle SuperSport
  • Brakes – Brembo high-performance brakes with ABS evo
  • Weight – 1560 kg
  • Wheels – Forged aluminum wheels (21-inch)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 92 liters

What’s New In Ferrari 12Cilindri?

Ferrari’s new front-mid-engined flagship 12Cilindri reflects everything the brand stands for – elegance, legacy, and unparalleled driving experience. In an era dominated by electric and hybrid luxury cars, Ferrari has opted to embrace the naturally aspirated 6.5 liter V12 power unit, which is an advanced version of the landmark F140HD, as seen in 812 GTS, Icona, and Purosangue. This beastly block is capable of delivering an astonishing 819 horsepower, at 9250 rpm, while the maximum engine revs stand at 9500 rpm. 

The vehicle has been designed by Flavio Manzoni and his team, at Maranello, the sole production facility for Ferrari. Surprisingly, the company also announced the SPIDER version simultaneously, which is set to hit the market somewhere around the summer of 2025. 


As the name suggests, the new Ferrari is all about celebrating its formidable power unit, the naturally aspirated V-12, which has driven several legendary Ferrari cars from the 1940s till now. Iconically, the engine used in the 12Cilindri finds its lineage back to the one used in the 2002 Ferrari Enzo. When we look at the core engine specifications, its basic framework is literally 2 decades old, however, the new F140HD is a significant evolution over its predecessors. 

To achieve the high crank speed, the team has opted for titanium connecting rods, which are nearly 40% lighter than the steel equivalents. Additionally, newly designed pistons and crankshafts also weigh 2-3% less than the ones found on 812s V12. The 48 valves are actuated by sliding finger cam followers, a similar low-fiction technology that the Scuderia Ferrari engines use for Grand Prix cars. 

This state-of-the-art V12 engine is sure to give you a powerful yet smooth driving experience like you’ve never experienced before. 

Design & Aerodynamics

The Ferrari 12Cilindri is a true Bella Italia Beauty; the trademark red livery, a cleaner look, and a nostalgic exterior design. The new seamless flanks, along with the precise front and rear wings, improve the driveability, without compromising the technical demands, functionality, or aesthetics of the car. Although the front doesn’t have several traditional Ferrari design cues, such as mouth-shaped grille or elongated headlights, the geometrical precision of each external element is remarkable, which perfectly compliments the powerhouse V12

Both headlights and taillights are integrated into single wraparound bands, and the DRLs appear to be like sharp blades. To match the taillights, the rear end features a razorback profile accompanied by a single-piece clamshell engine cover, solid aluminum wheels, and double-edged character lines from front DRLs to the rear wing, all of which signifies that it’s not just a retro facade, but a timeless Ferrari design with a modern and stylish touch.

The front spoiler and rear air deflectors, supported by vortex generators and wheelhouse breathers, manage to achieve the total ground effect while driving over 100 mph. The rear downforce touches the peak of 110-pound over 150 mph, a rare number which is usually seen in Ferrari Formula 1 cars. 

The coupe variant comes with a tinted grass roof, giving a sense of open air within the cabin. However, those who prefer a thrilling open-air drive would be happy to know that a SPIDER version will debut next year, where the top can be retracted in 14 seconds. 


The interior of the new Ferrari 12Cilindri remains mostly unchanged, except for the fact that it’s almost 100% digital now. The only analog parts you will find are the drive mode selector and the gear selector attached to the steering wheel, both of which are inspired by SF90. 

12Cilindri retains the same double-cockpit design, which we’ve seen in Roma and Purosangue earlier; the two independent display setups for both the driver and the passenger operated from a large 10-3-inch centralized touch panel. The power button has also been resurfaced, now featuring a new digital touchscreen interface. 

The chassis has been completely reprofiled, featuring a lighter design to improve torsional rigidity, driveability, and grip level. 


Ferrari 12Cilindri is a rear-wheel drive, employing the 8-speed dual-clutch transmission system, notably one additional gear over the 812. As a result, the gear shift pattern and transmission ratios have changed considerably, reducing the shift duration by 5% while transmitting 12% more torque to the rear wheels.  

The active aero system on the car guarantees the minimum drag and maximum downforce, thanks to the newly introduced air management assembly. The top spoiler features a fixed centerpiece, along with dynamic lateral winglets and a large full-width diffuser. That’s not all, an assembly of independently operated network ducts and louvers infuse the cooling air into all the vital components such as radiators, brakes, oil coolers, and of course, the engine bay. 

Similar to Scuderia Ferrari F1 cars, the fuel in the 12Cilindri is pumped into the 12 combustion chambers via an advanced high-pressure direct injection system. To disperse the gases, the team has developed an all-new 6-into-one exhaust system for each cylinder, featuring equal-length header pipes, which direct the exhaust gases swiftly into the converters. 

Mind you, there is no hybrid or eDrive option available, but, the electronics inside the new Ferrari 12Cilindri have undergone significant upgrades to increase driver control and handling, without compromising the performance of the mighty V12. While the redefined Side Slip Control system reduces the gap between grip estimation, recognition, and action. The new brake-by-wire ABS manages to achieve a mere 103-foot stopping distance from 62 mph. A shorter wheelbase dramatically enhances steering control, cornering speed, and high-speed stability. 

Ferrari 12Cilindri Price

According to the European listing, the base price of the Ferrari 12Cilindri is expected to range somewhere around $420,000-$425,000. before any customization options. While no official pricing has been revealed for the SPIDER variant, considering the added 10% premium, it may cost around $470,000.  

Why Is It Named 12Cilindri?

As we all know how picky Ferrari has been about its car names, all of which carry a poetic feel or a special meaning, such as Purosangue (Thoroughbred), Roma (inspired by the Capital city of Italy), and Portofino (named after an Italian fishing village). So why did the company settle for such an unconventional and blunt choice like 12Cilindri?

The name literally translates to 12 Cylinders in Italian, indicating that the Maranello-based outfit wants to emphasize its historical 12 Cylinder IC engine as the focal attraction of the car. The naturally aspirated 6.5-liter motor, which has been among the most brilliantly designed high-performance automobiles in history, has been further tweaked to extract the maximum power and performance from the vehicle. 

“The concept is very simple, We wanted this car to celebrate the most important element of our DNA. We never use an external agency to decide our names, and when 12Cilindri was proposed, it was jumped on by 99 percent of the people here.” – Enrico Galliera – Ferrari’s chief marketing and commercial officer, 

When Will the Ferrari 12Cilindri Be Available?

Although Ferrari hasn’t specified the official release date yet, we expect the 12Cilindri (Coupe) to hit the outlets in the latter half of this year. Traditionally, the company unveils the Spider (the open-air variant) 12-15 months after the coupe announcement, but not this time. The Ferrari 12Cilindri is also set to debut, most likely in the first half of 2025. 


1. What are the best V12 Ferrari models?

Starting from Ferrari 250 GTO (1962-1964), Ferrari F50 (1995-1997), LaFerrari (2013-2018), Ferrari Enzo (2002), and Ferrari 812 SuperFast (2017-2023) are smong the top V12 Ferraris. 

2. Is the Ferrari 812 Superfast still available for purchase?

The production of the 812 SF has ended, and the car will be succeeded by the newly launched Ferrari 12Cilindri. Hence, the car is likely no longer available for direct purchase from Ferrari dealerships. 

3. How much will the Ferrari 12Cilindri SPIDER cost?

The Ferrari 12Cilindri is estimated to cost around $425,000 in the US without options added. 

4. Which is the most expensive Ferrari car available?

Priced at a whopping $580,000, the SF90 Spider, which is an open-air variant of the SF90 Stradale, is the most expensive Ferrari road car. 

Final Word

While the manufacturers are moving towards electric and hybrid technology, it’s a pretty bold move from the Italian motorhome to launch an all-gasoline supercar, that too with a non-turbocharged powertrain. But, it’s a Ferrari’s tribute to its longstanding dominant drive V12, which has been instrumental in shaping the brand’s identity over the years.

As the company admitted in the past it will continue to develop and manufacture the naturally aspirated V12s (without hybrid assistance) for as long as possible to keep the heritage alive. Well, the latest Ferrari 12Cilindri is an attempt by Fiorano Fury to honor its dynamic dynamo V12. 

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