Top 9 Chinese Car Brands in 2024

When it comes to automobiles, China’s roaring engine can’t be ignored. With brands like SAIC Motor, not just making a mark in the top 10 Chinese car brands, but also securing a spot among the 10 largest car brands by revenue worldwide, China’s auto industry is accelerating at full throttle.

From cranking out an impressive 5.3 million units per year to the rise of the luxury EV brand IM Motors, China’s auto industry is a blend of tradition and innovation. And it’s not just about quantity. With 22 Chinese automobile brands making it to the global Top 100 list, quality is clearly on the radar too. In this guide, we are going to share the top 9 Chinese car brands that are shifting gears and driving the future of mobility.

Top 9 Chinese Car Brands in 2024

    Here are some of the top Chinese car brands that are shaping the automotive industry in 2024:

    1. SAIC Motor

    SAIC Motor stands as China’s largest state-owned automobile manufacturer, with impressive sales figures that underline its dominance in the market. Founded in 1955, SAIC has formed significant joint ventures with global giants like Volkswagen and General Motors, which have been crucial to its growth and technological advancement. The brand owns several well-known subsidiaries including MG Motors, known for its affordable sports cars, and Wuling, which contributes significantly to its domestic sales volume. SAIC’s commitment to innovation is evident in its diverse range including electric vehicles and advanced internal combustion models.

    2. Geely

    Geely is a prominent name in the Chinese automotive sector, known for owning international brands like Volvo and Lotus. Founded in 1986, Geely has expanded its influence globally and now operates several brands including Lynk & Co and the premium electric vehicle brand, Zeekr. Geely’s approach integrates cutting-edge technology and significant investment in electric vehicles, making it a key player not only in China but on the global stage. Their cars are recognized for their innovative design and commitment to sustainable mobility.

    3. Great Wall Motors

    Great Wall Motors is renowned for combining rugged reliability with modern design, making it a popular choice among consumers looking for practical yet stylish vehicles. The company’s emphasis on design has led to numerous awards, enhancing its reputation on the international stage. Great Wall Motors produces a range of vehicles including SUVs and trucks, designed to meet the demands of both urban and rural drivers. Their approach to vehicle manufacturing focuses on safety, style, and functionality, ensuring a balanced offering that appeals globally.

    4. Changan Automobile

    Changan Automobile is a powerhouse in the Chinese automotive industry, known for its deep roots in Chinese craftsmanship and modern engineering. The brand is a leader in developing eco-friendly vehicles, including electric and hybrid models, which align with global sustainability trends. Changan’s vehicles are celebrated for their quality and innovation, often leading the way in integrating new technologies into their designs. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, Changan continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in automotive engineering.

    5. Dongfeng Motor

    Dongfeng Motor, with over five decades of history, has established itself as a major player in the global automotive industry through strategic partnerships with international firms like Nissan and the PSA Group. These collaborations have enhanced Dongfeng’s technological capabilities and manufacturing efficiency, allowing them to offer a broad range of high-quality vehicles. The brand’s global strategy focuses on leveraging these partnerships to expand its presence worldwide, making it a formidable force in the automotive sector.

    6. FAW Group

    Founded in 1953, FAW Group is one of China’s oldest and most prestigious automotive companies. It has played a pivotal role in the development of the country’s automotive industry and continues to be at the forefront of innovation with a diverse lineup of vehicles. FAW Group is known for its rigorous commitment to quality and its pioneering efforts in developing cutting-edge technologies, including new energy vehicles. The brand’s influence extends globally, thanks to its reputation for reliability and advanced engineering.

    7. Chery Automobile

    Chery Automobile has distinguished itself as a major exporter of Chinese vehicles, with a significant presence in over 80 countries. Known for its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Chery produces a variety of vehicles including electric models and those equipped with advanced self-driving technologies. The brand’s focus on R&D has made it a leader in China’s push toward electrification and smart vehicle solutions. Chery continues to expand globally, competing with established automotive brands with its attractive designs and high-tech offerings.

    8. WEY

    WEY, established in 2016 by Great Wall Motors, is making a mark in the luxury SUV market. This brand is a result of international collaboration, aiming to make luxury vehicles more accessible. Since its inception, WEY has quickly sold over 300,000 vehicles, demonstrating rapid growth and acceptance in the market due to its commitment to affordability and quality.

    9. Changan

    Changan Automobile, one of the oldest auto manufacturers in China, traces its origins back to 1862. Initially a military supply factory, it ventured into automotive manufacturing in 1959. Changan is celebrated for its commitment to safety, dubbed “lasting safety,” and has become a leader in the Chinese market by blending its rich heritage with modern automotive technology.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the top Chinese car brands?

    The top Chinese car brands include SAIC Motor, BYD, Changan Auto, Geely, Great Wall Motors, Dongfeng Motor, FAW Group, BAIC Group, and GAC Group. All of these brands have made considerable progress and contributions to the global auto industry, demonstrating China’s growing influence.

    Which Chinese car brand is the largest?

    SAIC Motor is currently the largest Chinese car brand, producing 5.3 million units annually and gaining a spot among the top ten car brands worldwide in terms of revenue.

    What are some achievements of BYD and Changan Auto?

    BYD has outperformed Tesla in terms of electric vehicle production, emerging as a leader in the market. Changan Auto, on the other hand, has ascended 20 spots in global car brand rankings, proving its mettle in the competitive industry.

    What differentiates Dongfeng Motor?

    Dongfeng Motor is renowned for its successful partnerships with global brands, demonstrating a proficient knack for strategic collaboration.

    What is the future potential of China’s auto industry?

    China’s auto industry exhibits promising growth, with consistent innovation, successful brand collaborations, and a robust lineup of vehicles. It is well-positioned to compete globally and continue advancing in technology and production capabilities.

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