What Does GTS Mean In Ferrari?

What does “GTS” mean when you see it on a Ferrari? These three letters mark a special kind of Ferrari car. “GTS” stands for models that are not just fast, but also luxurious and open, letting you enjoy the fresh air as you drive. Today we will find out what makes these “GTS” cars unique and why they are so special in the world of fast cars.

What Does GTS Mean In Ferrari?

In Ferrari, GTS stands for Gran Turismo Spider. It essentially refers to a convertible version of their Gran Turismo (GT) cars. These are high-performance, luxurious sports cars designed for long-distance travel. The “Spider” part indicates a convertible roof, allowing you to enjoy open-air driving.

Here’s a breakdown of the terminology:

  • Gran Turismo (GT):┬áThis refers to a class of cars known for their ability to combine high performance with comfort and luxury, making them ideal for long journeys.
  • Spider:┬áThis is a term commonly used for convertible cars with a retractable roof.

It’s interesting to note that Ferrari has slightly changed how they denote convertibles in recent models. While GTS used to signify a Targa top (a removable roof panel above the driver and passenger seats), they now use the term “Spider” for all their convertibles.

Unique Features of Ferrari GTS

There’s actually one specific Ferrari model that uses the GTS designation currently: the Ferrari 812 GTS. This high-performance convertible boasts some truly unique features:

Most Powerful Production V12 Spider: The 812 GTS holds the title of the most powerful production convertible on the market, thanks to its monstrous 800 cv ( cavalli vapore, meaning horsepower) V12 engine. This translates to exhilarating acceleration and a heart-pounding driving experience.

Retractable Hard Top (RHT): Unlike many convertibles that use fabric roofs, the 812 GTS features a unique retractable hard top. This roof offers several advantages:

  • Faster Operation: The RHT opens or closes in just 14 seconds, even at speeds up to 45 km/h, making it highly convenient.
  • Preserves Cabin Space: The folding mechanism is designed to tuck the roof away neatly without compromising interior passenger space.
  • Maintains Boot Capacity: With the hardtop stored, the 812 GTS still offers a decent amount of trunk space for luggage, a rarity in convertibles.

Open-Air Versatility: The 812 GTS offers a unique level of versatility when it comes to enjoying the open air. You can choose to have the entire roof retracted, or keep it up and simply lower the electric rear window to act as a wind deflector. This allows you to experience the thrilling sound of the V12 engine even with the top closed.

While features like a powerful engine and luxurious interior might be expected in a Ferrari, the combination of a retractable hard top, spacious cabin, and open-air options makes the 812 GTS a truly unique offering in the high-performance convertible market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of ‘GTS’ in Ferrari?

‘GTS’ in Ferrari stands for Gran Turismo Spider, signifying the brand’s commitment to high-performance, luxury vehicles offering an open-air driving experience.

How has the Ferrari GTS model evolved over time?

The evolution of the Ferrari GTS began with the 1982 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole. It has continually evolved, with notable models like the 308 GTB ‘Berlinetta’ and the Targa-top 308 GTS, culminating in the 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS.

How have Ferrari GTS models impacted popular culture?

Ferrari GTS models, especially from the 80s, have become iconic in popular culture through appearances in TV series like Magnum P.I. and several blockbuster films, influencing car design trends and setting a benchmark for automotive innovation.

What does ‘S’ and ‘F’ stand for in Ferrari?

The ‘S’ and ‘F’ in Ferrari is a tribute to Modena, Italy, the hometown of Enzo Ferrari. They stand for ‘Scuderia Ferrari’, literally translating to ‘Ferrari Stables’.

What distinguishes the 296 GTB from the GTS?

The key distinguisher between the Ferrari 296 GTB and GTS is the GTS’s retractable hardtop. This hardtop folds away behind the seats in 14 seconds at speeds of up to 28 mph.

What explains the performance difference between GTS and Superfast?

The Superfast outperforms the GTS in a 0-60 sprint by a mere 0.1 seconds due to its lighter weight. The GTS, being a convertible, requires added reinforcement for chassis stability and mechanical components to open and close the roof, making it heavier.

How many Ferrari 296 GTS models were produced?

The Ferrari 296 GTS production is limited, with just 499 pieces manufactured at a 1:12 scale. The prototype model has been meticulously examined by Ferrari’s engineering and design teams to ensure it accurately represents the original vehicle.

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