Upcoming Ferrari Models In 2024

The world’s most iconic sportscar manufacturer, Ferrari had a record-breaking year in 2023, registering the highest net revenue in the history of the company. But that’s not the end of good news for Ferrari fans, as the company also managed to secure a multi-year deal with the 7-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. However, car enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the upcoming Ferrari models, if there are any. 

The answer is yes, and we are here to give you all the details about the forthcoming Ferrari projects. 

Is Ferrari Launching New Models In 2024?

Last year, the company launched five new cars, including the powerhouse SF90 XX STRADALE and Roma SPIDER. During an investor summit in January this year, the Maranello-based outfit disclosed that it delivered 13,663 vehicles in 2023, 442 more than the previous year.

It was a record-breaking year for the world’s most prestigious luxury car manufacturer, reporting a new revenue of nearly $6.5 billion, a whopping 17% increase from the past year. Impressively, there are no signs of slowing down, as all the currently available models are sold out until the end of 2025. This means that prospective Ferrari buyers should not expect the delivery before 2026.

However, the company has some exciting projects in the pipeline, the details of which are elusive at the moment. But we can confirm that despite a flurry of orders and extraordinary demands, the ongoing development is not affected at all and we will see some exciting new cars shortly.

Traditionally, Ferrari remains tight-lipped regarding its upcoming models, purely to maintain brand exclusivity, heighten anticipation, and preserve its legacy. Without leaking any crucial information, the Italian automobile giant confirmed that three new cars will be unveiled in the next 11 months.

What Are The Upcoming Ferrari Models?

It’s crucial to remember that since it’s a Ferrari car we are talking about, rumors are bound to happen, and the company never discloses vehicle names or specifications until the official launch. Usually, these new cars are often given temporary codenames and even the on-road tests are conducted incognito to prevent any information leak. 

Based on our research and insights from auto journalists, here are the three upcoming Ferrari models:

1. The Next Generation LaFerrari

Traditionally, Ferrari brings a special car every decade, referred to as HALO. The last one, LaFerrari, was launched over 11 years ago, and we have a strong reason to believe that one of the three upcoming Ferrari models will be its successor. 

For the last 3 to 4 years, there have been reports of Ferrari developing a hypercar that could possibly follow its prestigious LaFerrari. Although the details are not confirmed as of yet, our team has spotted a heavily camouflaged test car driving around Italy and near Ferrari test tracks Fiorano, likely a trial run for the new engine and other components. Until the launch, the vehicle is identified as F250, but we believe the official name could be F80, La Rossa, or Drake. 

We also expect that initially, over 800 units will be produced, including powerful XX and convertible variants.

Expected Features

Going by the engine sound of the prototypes, we can’t confirm where the next Ferrari HALO would be powered by a V6, V8, or V12 engine, but according to the reports, the company might opt for the hybrid configuration, just like the one in SF90 STRADALE, incorporating additional batteries to achieve a combined horsepower of over 1000 as well as eco-friendly drive.

2. The New Ferrari 296 Variant

During the investor briefing, Ferrari confirmed the departure of the popular F8 series, with 296 GTB taking center stage in the current lineup. If history is any witness, we will see a new iteration of 296 GTB in the next 12 months. 

Again, there is no concrete information on this, but several auto publications have claimed to be found the newly registered trademarks, such as 296 Mugello, 296 Mugello SPIDER, and 296 Speciale. Again, the name SPIDER suggests the potential production of a convertible version, although we are not sure if it will be launched simultaneously with the coupe variant. 

Expected Features

Judging by the reports published in auto magazines, the next Ferrari 296 may feature the same rear-mid-engine setup, but more like a STRADALE-like power unit configuration; the award-winning twin-turbocharged V8 with an option for electric drive as well.  

3. The 812 Successor

Ferrari’s front-mid-engined grand tourer 812 Superfast was first unveiled in 2017, and after a successful run of 7 years, the company may consider introducing its replacement, with another mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout but with enhanced power and aerodynamics. We can confirm that a convertible version will follow, if not concurrently with the coupe variant, then within 24 months of its initial launch.

Reportedly labeled as F167, the vehicle’s undercover prototypes have surfaced several times on public roads, appearing to be a modified Roma exterior with a V6 or V12 engine. There is no official confirmation regarding the model name, the trademark filings suggest that Montecarlo or Milano are in contention. 

Expected Features

Not much is known about the upcoming 812 successor, except that it may retain the same front-mid-engine layout, accompanied by a turbocharged V8 power unit. The current trajectory shows that Ferrari may also go with mild hybridization, stuffing a couple of batteries to provide a few miles of EDrive power. 

How Many Cars Are There In The Current Ferrari Lineup?

Here is a current Ferrari lineup, along with their specifications and pricing information: 

Model Engine 0-60 mph Top Speed Price
Purosangue 6.5-liter V12 3.2 sec 193 mph $398,350
296GTB  2.9-liter V6 + Electric 2.9 sec 205 mph $322,986
812GTS  6.2-liter V12 2.9 sec 211 mph $401,000 
296GTS  2.9-liter V6 + Electric 2.9 sec 205 mph $340,000
SF90 STRADALE 4-liter V8 + Electric 2.5 sec 211 mph $507,000
SF90 SPIDER 4-liter V8 + Electric 2.5 sec 211 mph $557,000
Roma 3.9-liter V8 3.4 sec 199 mph $222,630
Roma SPIDER 3.9-liter V8 3.4 sec 199 mph $277,970
Portofino M 3.9-liter V8 3.45 sec 200 mph $245,000



1. Is the Ferrari F8 SPIDER still available for purchase?

While Ferrari has officially stopped accepting new orders for F8 SPIDER, it’s available at some selected European stores. 

2. Which is the most expensive Ferrari model in 2024?

The convertible SF90 SPIDER, priced at $557,000, is the most expensive Ferrari car in 2024. 

3. What are the top sellers on the current Ferrari model list? 

SF90 STRADALE, Roma, and 296GTS were among the best-selling Ferrari cars in 2024, with 296GTB taking the top spot. 

4. How much does Ferrari Roma cost in the United States?

The base price of Ferrari Roma is $222,630 in the US. Depending on the trim and customization, the final price may go as high as  $2,90,000.

Closing Remarks

Even though it’s a luxury beyond reach, the entire community of automobile enthusiasts eagerly waits for a Ferrari car launch. We’d like to repeat that there is no official information available about the specifications, pricing, or names of any future vehicles. However, our team has researched several automotive articles, press releases, and media coverage to find the most authentic update regarding the upcoming Ferrari models. If you have a question, do let us know in the comment section. 

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