Supercar Blondie Net Worth In 2024

Supercar Blondie, real name Alex Hirschi, has become a formidable figure in the world of luxury automotive enthusiasts and beyond. By 2024, her net worth has seen significant growth due to her engaging car reviews, massive social media following, and lucrative brand endorsements. In this post, we will find out how this influencer from Brisbane has revved her way into the multi-millionaire club, diversifying her income through smart investments, a coveted car collection, and strategic business moves.

Supercar Blondie Net Worth In 2024

As of 2024, Supercar Blondie, also known as Alex Hirschi, has an estimated net worth is $17 million. This significant wealth is primarily derived from her successful career as a social media influencer and automotive vlogger. Her YouTube channel, brand partnerships, sponsorships, and media appearances contribute substantially to her income.

Supercar Blondie collaborates with high-end car manufacturers such as Bugatti and Ferrari, and she also earns from her popular YouTube channel, which generates substantial ad revenue and sponsorship deals.

Supercar Blondie Source Of Income

Supercar Blondie, also known as Alexandra Mary Hirschi, has diversified income streams that contribute to her substantial net worth. Here are the primary sources of her income:

  1. YouTube Revenue: Supercar Blondie’s YouTube channel is a significant source of income. The channel generates money through ad revenues, where she benefits from the monetization of her videos. With millions of subscribers and views, the ad revenue alone is a substantial contributor to her earnings.

  2. Brand Sponsorships and Endorsements: She collaborates with major automotive brands like Bugatti, Ferrari, and other luxury car manufacturers. These companies pay her to feature their cars in her videos, leveraging her large following and influence in the automotive industry.

  3. Media Appearances: Beyond her own channels, Supercar Blondie appears in various media formats including television shows and interviews, which also contribute to her income. She has appeared on shows like “Car Crews with Supercar Blondie” and others, expanding her visibility and earning potential through these appearances.

  4. Merchandising: Although specific details are limited, like many influencers, Supercar Blondie likely earns from selling branded merchandise that may include apparel, accessories, and other branded items tailored to her fanbase.

  5. Social Media Partnerships: Apart from YouTube, she actively uses platforms like Instagram and Facebook where she also engages in promotional activities and partnerships that contribute to her income.

  6. Investments: Supercar Blondie has also made some strategic investments. She mentioned investing in real estate and other areas which are typical additional income sources for high-earning individuals.

Supercar Blondie: Noteworthy Collaborations and Appearances

Supercar Blondie, aka Alex Hirschi, is known for her flamboyant personality and access to exclusive cars. Here are some noteworthy collaborations and appearances that have garnered her attention:

  • Car Launches and Events: Supercar Blondie is frequently invited to high-profile car launches and industry events. This puts her in the company of celebrities, carmakers, and other YouTubers. For instance, she has been featured at the Dubai Motor Show and collaborated with Bugatti on a video revealing their Bolide hypercar [YouTube collaboration with Bugatti].

  • Collaborations with Other YouTubers: Supercar Blondie often collaborates with other YouTubers in the automotive space. This increases audience reach for all parties involved. Some collaborators include Shmee150, Salomondrin, and TheTFJJ [YouTube collaboration with Shmee150, YouTube collaboration with Salomondrin, YouTube collaboration with TheTFJJ].

  • Celebrity Appearances: Her charisma and reach have landed her features with celebrities like actor Will Smith [YouTube collaboration with Will Smith] and football player David Beckham [YouTube collaboration with David Beckham].

  • TV Appearances: Supercar Blondie has also made appearances on television shows like “Good Morning America” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, broadening her audience beyond YouTube.

What Cars Has Supercar Blondie Reviewed?

Supercar Blondie, known for her vibrant and engaging reviews of exotic and luxury vehicles, has reviewed a wide range of cars, each chosen for their uniqueness or standout features. Here’s a brief overview of some notable models she has covered:

  1. Bugatti Chiron: Known for its breathtaking speed and luxurious design, the Chiron is a frequent star in her videos.

  2. Lamborghini Terzo Millennio: This concept car represents Lamborghini’s vision for the future of sports cars with electric power and innovative design features.

  3. Rolls Royce Vision Next 100: Also known as the 103EX, this is Rolls Royce’s futuristic take on luxury, showcasing what the brand envisions for the next century.

  4. Tesla Cybertruck: She explored the unique design and features of this polarizing Tesla pickup, known for its unconventional aesthetic and impressive performance stats.

  5. BMW Vision Next 100: Another futuristic vehicle, this BMW concept car features autonomous driving capabilities and a shape-shifting design.

  6. Ferrari SF90 Stradale: This plug-in hybrid sports car combines incredible performance with a more sustainable, hybrid engine.

  7. Aston Martin Valkyrie: A hypercar developed in collaboration with Red Bull Racing, it offers near-Formula 1 performance.

  8. Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow: An electric vehicle concept inspired by the historic Silver Arrows, it blends nostalgic design with future technologies.

  9. Audi AI Quattro: A concept vehicle that combines autonomous capabilities with rugged off-road design.

How Many Cars Does Supercar Blondie Own?

Supercar Blondie’s penchant for cars is mirrored in her collection of luxury vehicles. Boasting several top-tier cars, her automotive library spans from the McLaren 720S, a machine crafted with expert engineering and precision, to the Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge, acclaimed for its refinement and luxurious ride.

Diversifying her collection, she’s also added a Brabus G, a custom version of the Mercedes-AMG G Wagen, flaunting a rare Tiffany blue interior. Remembered lovingly is the former member of her collection, a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, donned in a custom blue paint job, aptly named Lucy – which has since been sold.

Eyeing the future, Supercar Blondie has placed an order for the much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck. Her latest acquisition coming in hot off the production line is an opulent Ares S1 hypercar, a feat of Italian engineering, costing a cool $500,000.

In total, she owns a treasure trove of high-powered vehicles designed to thrill even the most avid car enthusiast, adding credibility to her reviews and providing an extra edge to her content.

Supercar Blondie Investments and Assets

Supercar Blondie has diversified her investments and assets to build a robust financial portfolio beyond her YouTube and social media fame. Some of the notable investments and assets include:

  1. Real Estate: She has invested in property, including her residence in Dubai, which is a common investment strategy for individuals with high earnings to secure and grow their wealth.

  2. Car Collection: Supercar Blondie owns several high-end cars. Her collection has included models like the Lamborghini Huracan, BMW i8, and Ferrari 488. These vehicles not only serve as personal interests but also as significant assets that can appreciate in value, especially unique or limited models.

  3. Supercar Blondie Media: Alex has established a media company that handles the business aspects of her brand, including content production and partnerships. This entity not only manages earnings from her online presence but also expands its business footprint in the media industry.

  4. Stock Investments: While specific details about stock investments are not publicly disclosed, it’s common for individuals in her position to invest in the stock market as part of a balanced investment strategy.

  5. Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships: Her collaborations with global automotive brands are part of her asset portfolio. These partnerships often involve significant financial agreements that contribute to her income and net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Supercar Blondie’s main sources of income?

Supercar Blondie generates income through various avenues such as YouTube, Instagram, merchandise sales, collaborations and strategic investments in real estate and luxury cars. She’s estimated to earn roughly $1.4 million per year, depending on video views and endorsements.

Where is Supercar Blondie based?

Supercar Blondie, whose real name is Alexandra Mary “Alex” Hirschi, is an Australian social media influencer and celebrity based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She’s globally recognized for her automotive content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

How much can car influencers earn from Instagram?

Car influencers generally can charge approximately $10,000 per post for every million followers. This amount can increase if their engagement rate is exceptionally high; a good Instagram engagement rate is about 5%.

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