Meta Ray-Ban Limited Edition Ferrari Smart Glasses Are Here

As the Formula 1 championship makes its next stop at the Miami Grand Prix, Ray-Ban, the official eyewear sponsor for the legendary Scuderia Ferrari team, has extended its partnership with Meta to launch their special edition smart glasses. Released as a part of Ray-Ban’s Spring/Summer collection, the iconic Shiny Garage Blue shades also mark the introduction of the Meta AI with Vision feature. Further in the article, we will discuss more on the Meta Ray-Ban limited edition Ferrari smart glasses, covering their technical specifications, features, and pricing. 

Meta Ray-Ban Ferrari Smart Glasses: Product Details

Here are some essential specifications of the latest limited edition Ray-Ban smart glasses powered by Meta:

1. Frame & Lens

Frame Material – Injected

Temple Color – Garage Blue

Frame Shape – Square

Frame Color – Shiny Garage Blue

Lens Color – Mirror

Treatment –  Mirror

2. Dimensions & Fitting

Fitting – Regular

Bridge & Nosepads – High Bridge Fit

Hinge to Hinge – 130.73 mm 

Bridge Width – 50.22 mm

Lens Height – 40.60 mm

Temple Length – 150 mm

3. Audio

Speakers – 2 Custom-built Open-Ear speakers

Microphone – Custom-built 5-mic system

3. Camera

Camera – 12 Megapixel

Image Resolution – 3024×4032

Video Resolution – 1440×1920 @30 Fps

4. Controls

Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses come with three types of controls – Voice, touch, and Meta AI assistant. 

5. Memory 

The smart glasses are packed with 32 GB flash storage, which can store over 500 photos and up to 50 minutes of video recording. 

6. Battery Life

On a single charge, the Ray-Ban smart glasses will last for up to 4 hours. The portable charging case can provide an additional 32 hours of battery life. 

7. Connectivity Options

Wi-Fi – IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6

Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5.2

8. Operating System Compatibility

Android – Android 10 and higher

iOS – iOS 14.4 and higher

9 – Supported Devices

Apple – iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2014) 

Google – Pixel 5, Pixel 6, 6 Pro Pixel 7, and 7 Pro

Samsung – Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S20 FE, Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S21, S21 FE, S21 Ultra, Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra, Galaxy S23, S23+, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Fold 3, and Fold 4

10. Price

Meta Ray-Ban Limited Edition Ferrari Smart glasses are available for purchase at $499 in the USA. 

Meta Ray-Ban Ferrari Smart Glasses Features

Let’s take a look at some of the core features of Meta Ray-Ban limited edition Ferrari smartglasses:

1. Audio

The smart glasses are fitted with custom-built open-ear speakers on both sides, along with a 5-mic, which sits comfortably near your ears. The tiny speakers are sure to deliver a power-packed performance, even in the nosiest environment. The bass is high and the maximum volume will not disappoint you. Whether you are playing your favorite music or indulging in voice/video calls, the sound performance will not disappoint you. 

2. Camera

Meta Ray-Ban Ferrari smart glasses feature a powerful 12 MP camera, which can capture photos at a resolution of 3024×4032, 1440×1920 P video @30 Fps. You can click high-quality pictures and videos and share them directly on Facebook and Instagram. That’s not all, there is an advanced 5-mic system for an immersive video-calling experience. Moreover, you can switch between your phone and smart glasses camera while video calling or live streaming. The default video recording length is 30 seconds, which you can reduce or extend up to 15 seconds and 60 seconds respectively. 

3. Battery & Charging

The smart glasses boast a rechargeable battery, delivering up to 4 hours of standard usage. You also get a portable charging case, that can charge the glasses approximately 8 more times while on the move. This ensures you get uninterrupted and extended battery performance, allowing you to capture beautiful moments, live stream, or prolonged video calls with your friends and family. 

The compact charging case easily fits into your pocket or backpack, providing you with up to 2 full days of battery life. 

4. Meta View Application

You can control your smart glasses activities through the new Meta View application on your smartphone. There is an option to pair and manage multiple Ray-Ban smart glasses from a centralized dashboard. The app also gives you a comprehensive tour of all the features and functionalities of the eyewear, enabling you to get the maximum out of smart glasses. Additionally, you can incorporate special effects into your media, access your photos and videos, and share the content with your friends. 

5. Controls

Ferrari smart glasses feature a range of smart controls to perform various activities, such as making a call, capturing a snap, initiating a video call, tweaking media settings, etc, without needing to access your phone. You can either use voice commands or activate the feature with just a gentle tap on the ultra-responsive touchpad and buttons. You can customize the controls through the Meta View application as well. 

6. Meta AI

Undoubtedly, the best feature of Ray-Ban Ferrari smart glasses is the built-in Meta AI capabilities, which dramatically enhance the user experience. You can interact with the super smart AI engine just by using the voice command Hey Meta, and retrieve information as per your preferences. The Meta Vision feature enables the glasses to interpret what you are seeing, write a caption for certain scenery, click a picture, translate texts, signs, etc, and identify objects, such as flowers, cars, locations, fruits, and more. 


1. How long does the Meta Ray-Ban Ferrari smart glasses battery last?

On a single charge, the Ray-Ban smart glasses battery lasts for approximately 4 hours. The portable case can extend the battery life by up to 32 hours (8 full charges).

2. How much do Meta Ray-Ban Ferrari limited edition smart glasses cost?

In the US, the limited edition Ferrari smart glasses cost $499. 

3. What can I do with Meta Ray-Ban Ferrari smart glasses?

With Ray-Ban Ferrari smart glasses, you can capture high-quality photos, stream live videos, make video calls, and retrieve information about any object through Meta AI. 

4. Are Meta Ferrari smart glasses waterproof?

Meta Ferrari smart glasses come with an IPX4 rating, meaning they can survive rain and normal water splash only. Yet, it’s not advisable to wear them through heavy rain. 

Final Word

At $499, Meta Ray-Ban limited edition Ferrari smart glasses are among the most expensive wearable eyewear gadgets. However, for the Scuderia fans, it’s a great chance to experience the Formula 1 paddock and the world’s fastest Grand Prix cars in style. So what are you waiting for? Order a pair of shades before the stock runs out. 

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