15 Ferrari Rules That Owners Must Follow

Owning a Ferrari is not just about driving a fast car; it’s about joining an exclusive club with its own set of rules. Ferrari is a brand that represents luxury, performance, and prestige, and as such, it expects its owners to uphold certain standards and practices. These rules range from how to maintain and care for the vehicle, to how one should behave as a Ferrari owner. Today, we will find out the 15 key rules that every Ferrari owner must follow. These guidelines ensure that the integrity and prestige of the Ferrari brand are maintained, and they also enhance the overall experience of owning one of these iconic cars.

15 Ferrari Rules Owners Must Follow

Here are 15 strict rules that Ferrari owners are often expected to follow:

  1. Selective Sales Process: Ferrari carefully selects its buyers, especially for limited edition models. Loyalty to the brand and a history of previous purchases can play a significant role.

  2. Resale Restrictions: For certain models, Ferrari imposes restrictions on resale, often prohibiting owners from selling the car within a certain timeframe after purchase.

  3. Mandatory Maintenance: Ferrari expects owners to maintain their vehicles regularly and properly, preferably through authorized dealerships and service centers.

  4. No Unauthorized Modifications: Modifying a Ferrari, especially its engine and exterior, must be done cautiously and preferably through approved channels to maintain its authenticity and value.

  5. Brand Representation: Owners represent the Ferrari brand and are expected to conduct themselves with a certain level of decorum, both in how they drive and how they present their cars.

  6. Participation in Exclusive Events: Owners are often encouraged to participate in exclusive Ferrari events, like car rallies, shows, and club meetings.

  7. Preservation of Heritage: Ferrari values the preservation of its historical and classic models. Owners of such cars are encouraged to maintain them in their original state.

  8. Usage Guidelines: Some high-end Ferrari models come with guidelines on usage to preserve the car’s condition, including limitations on mileage for certain special editions.

  9. Insurance Requirements: Owners must ensure their Ferraris are adequately insured, often to higher standards given the value of these vehicles.

  10. Discretion in Publicity: Owners are sometimes expected to be discreet about their purchase, especially in the case of highly exclusive models.

  11. Adhering to Exclusive Services: Utilizing Ferrari’s exclusive services, like the Ferrari Classiche certification for classic models, is encouraged to maintain the car’s authenticity and value.

  12. No Illegal Racing: Ferrari owners are expected to avoid illegal racing activities, as they can tarnish the brand’s image and lead to safety issues.

  13. Compliance with Local Laws: Owners must ensure that their Ferraris comply with local vehicle regulations and laws, including emissions and safety standards.

  14. Participation in Brand Surveys: Ferrari often seeks feedback from its customers to improve its products and services. Participation in these surveys is generally expected.

  15. Promotion of Brand Image: Overall, Ferrari owners are expected to uphold and promote the brand image, which is one of luxury, performance, and exclusivity.

Consult with other owners and salespeople before purchasing

When it comes to buying a Ferrari, it’s always a good idea to gather as much information as possible before making a decision. One way to do this is by consulting with other Ferrari owners and knowledgeable salespeople. Their insights and experiences can provide valuable guidance in your pursuit of the perfect Ferrari.

1. Seek Advice from Other Ferrari Owners: Other Ferrari owners have firsthand experience in owning and maintaining these incredible machines. They can provide invaluable tips and advice on various aspects, such as the purchasing process, maintenance requirements, and even recommended models based on your preferences. Joining Ferrari owner communities or attending Ferrari events can help you connect with seasoned owners who are willing to share their expertise.

2. Engage with Knowledgeable Salespeople: Salespeople at Ferrari dealerships are well-versed in the brand’s history, models, and performance capabilities. They can provide you with detailed information about the different Ferrari models, their features, and any updates or new releases. Talking to salespeople can help you make an informed decision and narrow down your options based on your budget and specific requirements.

3. Attend Ferrari Events and Expos: Ferrari events and expos offer a unique opportunity to interact with both other owners and Ferrari representatives. These events often showcase the latest models, rare collections, and even special editions. Conversations with Ferrari enthusiasts and experts can provide you with additional insights and help you make connections within the Ferrari community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for owning a Ferrari?

You cannot sell it without notice – or within the first year of purchase. No alterations to the vehicle whatsoever. Ferrari does a thorough background check on all its potential customers. You may never get on Ferrari’s VIP list, despite owning a Ferrari.

Can Ferrari owners buy Lamborghini?

As an enthusiast, you’re free to admire, own, and drive vehicles from both marques without any allegiance conflicts. The competition between Ferrari and Lamborghini is in racing and sales, not in their customers’ choices.

Are you allowed to sell your Ferrari?

For some rare models, there are clauses in the sales agreement that prevent resale for one year after purchase. High-end manufacturers like Ferrari aim to control who their cars go to and discourage immediate flipping.

What is Ferrari’s rule?

Ferrari makes customers sign a contract upon purchase with a clause that prevents reselling their cars immediately. The automaker aims to discourage owners from flipping their cars and maintain the exclusivity of the brand.

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