Ferrari P4/5: What Makes It Rare And So Famous?

In the world of fast cars, the Ferrari P4/5 is a rare treasure known for its unique build and stunning design. Made to blend top-notch speed with beauty, this special car is a symbol of car-making at its best. The story behind the Ferrari P4/5 is more than just about making a car; it’s a story about love for speed, style, and never settling for less. Today, we’ll look into what makes the Ferrari P4/5 so special, exploring its beginnings, features, and the charm that sets it apart.

Ferrari P4/5: What Makes It Rare And So Famous?

The Ferrari P4/5, also known as the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina, is a unique one-off sports car made by Italian car manufacturer Ferrari but redesigned by Pininfarina for film director and stock exchange magnate James Glickenhaus. The P4/5 is famous and rare for several reasons, each contributing to its legendary status in the automotive world:

1. Custom Design and Heritage:

The car’s design is a homage to Ferrari’s racing history, specifically the iconic Ferrari 330 P3/4 race cars of the 1960s. Its design combines modern aesthetics and technology with the soul and elegance of Ferrari’s past racing glories. Pininfarina, the renowned Italian car design firm, customized the P4/5 specifically for Glickenhaus, blending heritage with contemporary innovation.

2. One-Off Model:

The P4/5 is a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Ferrari and Pininfarina collaborated to produce this unique car, making it extremely rare and a collector’s dream. Its exclusivity adds to its fame and desirability among car enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

3. Ferrari P4/5 Performance:

Based on the Enzo Ferrari, the P4/5 has an outstanding performance profile. It features a 6.0L V12 engine that produces over 660 horsepower, allowing it to reach top speeds of over 220 mph (354 km/h) and to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.0 seconds. The car not only looks stunning but also delivers incredible speed and power.

4. Innovative Features:

The P4/5 incorporates several innovative features and advanced materials, including extensive use of carbon fiber to reduce weight, a unique aerodynamic design to improve performance and stability, and a bespoke interior tailored to Glickenhaus’s specifications. These innovations make the P4/5 a masterpiece of automotive engineering and design.

5. Media Attention and Public Interest:

Since its unveiling, the P4/5 has received significant media attention, appearing in numerous automotive magazines, shows, and events. Its unique story, combining the wealth and passion of its owner with the craftsmanship of Ferrari and Pininfarina, has captivated the public’s imagination.

6. Legacy and Influence:

The creation of the P4/5 spurred interest in other one-off and limited-production models by Ferrari and other manufacturers, showcasing the possibilities of combining individual vision with top-tier automotive design and engineering. It stands as a testament to the bespoke automotive artistry and the enduring appeal of the Ferrari brand.

Ferrari P4/5 Interior Was Unique

When it comes to the Ferrari P4/5, its interior design is reflective of tailor-made precision. The element that makes it distinct is the fact that the owner himself designed the interior, integrating an iPod Nano stereo and a tablet PC. What sets the tablet PC apart is not only its GPS functionality, but also features like a 3D model of the car, an easy-access manual, and a comprehensive parts list.

Improvement is the key to success which is why the P4/5 sports an optimized air conditioning system over the Enzo. A high-strength alloy roll bar was redesigned as the original was considered too thick and caused obstruction to the driver’s view.

Attention to detail was a major focus as reflected in the seats of this Ferrari. The seats, aligned perfectly for comfort and accessibility, were custom-built based on scans of the owner and his son’s bodies. This personal touch ensures a perfect view of the road, similar to that in racing cars.

The seats, crafted from a frame of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, are further covered with black mesh and red leather. The choice of these materials was suggested by the owner’s daughter, adding to the sentimental value of this high-performance car.

Taking it a step further, the car’s wiring was rearranged to shed a considerable 270 kg, lightening it significantly compared to the Enzo. This meticulous approach not only increased performance but also made the car easier to service.

Ferrari P4/5 Price

The exact price of the Ferrari P4/5 is unknown, but it was estimated to be around US$4 million including the cost of the donor Ferrari Enzo. This makes sense considering:

  • It was a one-off car commissioned by a special client. Prices for such bespoke creations are typically very high.
  • The car’s rarity and exclusivity.
  • The extensive modifications done to the base Enzo, include a likely power increase and significant weight reduction.

While there isn’t an official confirmed price, the $4 million estimate is widely reported in automotive circles.

Technical Specs Of The World’s Rarest Ferrari

The Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina is a one-off supercar with its foundation in the Ferrari Enzo, featuring enhancements for unique appeal and performance:

  • Engine: 6.0L V12, producing 660 hp.
  • Transmission: 6-speed semi-automatic.
  • Top Speed: Over 220 mph (354 km/h).
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in approx. 3.0 seconds.
  • Weight: About 1,200 kg (2,645 lbs), lighter than the Enzo due to extensive use of carbon fiber.
  • Design: Custom aerodynamic design with a carbon-fiber body.
  • Interior: Bespoke luxury interior.

These specs underline its status as a high-performance, highly exclusive vehicle that combines advanced engineering with bespoke craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione?

The Ferrari P4/5 Competizione is a transformed version of the Ferrari P4/5 race car. It was created by the car’s owner, Glickenhaus. This innovation-driven performance vehicle was built on a Ferrari chassis and drivetrain and made its racing debut in 2011.

Who is Glickenhaus?

Glickenhaus is the owner of the Ferrari P4/5, who transformed it into the race car Ferrari P4/5 Competizione. His personal touch is evident in the vehicle, from its iPod Nano stereo to the custom-built seats based on body scans of him and his sons.

What makes the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione unique?

The Competizione is unique for its blend of innovation and performance. It features an iPod Nano stereo and a tablet PC with advanced functionalities, reflecting its owner Glickenhaus’s personal touch. Moreover, the seats are custom-built from body scans of Glickenhaus and his sons, providing both exclusivity and comfort.

When and where did the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione make its racing debut?

The unique Ferrari P4/5 Competizione, born from a Ferrari chassis and drivetrain, made its impressive racing debut in 2011 at the 24 Hours Nürburgring race.

What are some features of the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione’s interior design?

The interior of the Competizione includes an iPod Nano stereo and a tablet PC with advanced functionalities. The seats are custom-crafted based on body scans of the car’s owner Glickenhaus and his sons. This offers a blend of comfort and exclusivity in the vehicle’s design.


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