Ferrari Movie: Review, Story And Where To Watch

Directed by Michael Mann, Ferrari is a 2023 sports biography that revolves around the life of Ferrari’s chief Enzo Ferrari, shedding light on his personal and professional struggles. The film was expected to premiere on Showtime but eventually has a worldwide theatrical release on December 25, 2023. Praised for its gripping screenplay and masterful performances, Ferrari movie failed to make a mark at the box office, exiting the theatres after earning less than half of its budget. 

Keep on reading to know more about the film, its plot, star cast, review, and the available streaming options in 2024. 

Ferrari Movie Plot

The film is set in the summer of 1957, and Enzo, the owner of the Ferrari has decided to take part in a thousand-mile endurance race Mille Miglia. Struggling to keep his company going, Enzo is also going through a family crisis, as he and his wife Laura are mourning their son’s death.  

In another development,  Laura is unaware of Enzo’s mistress Lina, with whom he also has an illegitimate son Piero. Lina is pressuring Enzo to give Ferrari’s name to her son, which Enzo opposes. 

Enzo asks Laura, who owns half of Ferrari’s shares, to relinquish her stake to him. The immense debt caused by the development of Ferrari’s Formula 1 car is crushing the company, and in order to stay in the business, Enzo must sign a deal with a sister company. Laura demands $500,000, which might bankrupt the entire Ferrari organization, especially upon her discovery of Enzo’s infidelity, prompting suspicion and tension between them. Finally, Enzo agrees to sign the check for half a million dollars to Laura. 

In the later half of the film, Mille Miglia takes place in Brescia, where a grave tactical error from Ferrari results in a massive crash, killing eleven people, including its driver Alfonso de Portago and his navigator. Another Ferrari driver Taruffi wins the race, as Ferrari is heavily criticized for the fatal crash. Laura cashes the check and surrenders her shares to Enzo, requesting that Ferrari’s name be given to Piero. 

Watch the Ferrari movie trailer here. 

Ferrari Movie Cast

The film is directed by Michael Mann and the screenplay has been written by Troy Kennedy Martin. 

Let’s take a look at the cast and crew of Ferrari:

Production House: Moto Pictures, Forward Pass, Storyteller Production, STXfilms, ketchup Entertainment, Bliss Media, and others. 

Director: Micheal Mann

Screenplay: Troy Kennedy Martin

Producers: Michael Mann, P.J. van Sandwijk, Marie Savare, John Lesher, Thomas Hayslip, John Friedberg, Andrea Iervolino

Editing: Pietro Scalia

Cinematography: Erik Messerschmidt

Background Score: Daniel Pemberton


  • Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari
  • Penélope Cruz as Laura Ferrari
  • Shailene Woodley as Lina Lardi
  • Sarah Gadon as Linda Chroatian
  • Gabriel Leone as Alfonso de Portago
  • Jack O’Connell as Peter Collins
  • Patrick Dempsey as Piero Taruffi
  • Lino Musella as Sergio Scaglietti

Is Ferrari Movie Based On Real Story?

Yes, Ferrari is based on the real story of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the legendary Italian car manufacturer Ferrari. The film depicts Enzo’s struggle to maintain a balance between his personal and professional life, while tirelessly working for the company’s survival. 

The film is an adaptation of Enzo’s biography named Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races, the Machine, which was written by popular motorsport journalist Brock Yates in 1991. It highlights the summer of 1957, when, to sustain the business, Enzo decides to participate in a thousand-mile endurance race Mille Miglia. Meanwhile, the team was also reeling under a heavy financial burden due to extraordinary investment in the development of its Formula 1 car, and at one point, was on the brink of bankruptcy. 

Additionally, the movie goes into detail about the conflicts between Enzo, his wife Laura, his mistress Lina, and the illegitimate son Piero.

The film also portrays the tragic death of popular Spanish race car driver Alfonso de Portago on May 12, 1957, which became sensational news across the world, with Ferrari and its questionable decisions bearing heavy criticism. 

Ferrari Movie Reviews

The film takes place in 1957, as Enzo is approaching 60, and has somehow failed to adapt his business style to fit the rapidly evolving and blatant motorsport environment. Adam gave a mesmerizing performance as Enzo, and despite his questionable Italian accent, he managed to leave a lasting impression on the audience. By the end of the film, you will be left with a clear image of how a self-obsessed, ruthless, and god-like businessman manages his empire in his twilight years. 

While he is nearly a God-like figure in Italy, his own life seems to be in shambles, a dark side that you might have never heard of; wife, mistress, and an illegitimate son. Cruz shines as Laura, and it won’t be an exaggeration to call her performance one of the best of her career. 

Ferrari received mostly positive reviews around the world, mainly for its complex screenplay, cinematography, and performances of the lead cast. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 72% approval rating out of 245 critics’ reviews, while the audience score stands at 74%. 

“Sleek and well-acted, Ferrari overcomes its occasionally underpowered narrative to deliver a rousing and admirably complex biopic.” – Rotten Tomatoes

Another review aggregator website Metacritic gave the film a score of 72 out of 100, based on 55 critics’ reviews, while PostTalk stated that 74% of the audience gave the film a thumbs up. 

While Penélope Cruz’s performance was widely praised, there are mixed opinions on Adm Driver’s portrayal of Enzo Ferrari, with many critics labeling it as an unemotional performance that failed to capture the essence of such a monumental character.

Italian media, in particular, was very critical of the film and performance, mainly due to the casting of American actors to play Italian characters, who didn’t deliver up to the mark. 

What Is Ferrari Movie Worldwide Collection?

Despite positive feedback, Ferrari turned out to be one of the worst box-office performers in 2023. As of March, the film’s worldwide collection stands at just $43.5 million, with $18.6 million generated in the United States and $24.9 million from the international market. 

Made with a budget of nearly $100 million, Ferrari ended its theatrical run much sooner than anticipated, faring as a significant box office disaster. 

Where To Watch Ferrari Movie?

After an underwhelming theatrical run, the Ferrari movie is out of cinema halls, but you can still watch it on numerous on-demand streaming services. 

The film was released on digital platforms in the United States on January 23, 2024, and is currently available to rent/purchase on all major OTT websites. 

  • Amazon Prime Video is streaming Ferrari for free in Europe, India, and some Asian countries. However, in America, it’s available to rent and purchase at $5.99 and $14.99 respectively. 
  • You can also buy/rent a Ferrari on YouTube for $14.99 and $5.99 respectively. 
  • Ferrari is available on Google Play Movies as well, for the same rent/purchase cost of $5.99 and $14.99.
  • Apple TV is streaming Ferrari for $5.99. 
  • You can watch Ferrari on Fandango at Home (previously known as Vudu) for $5.99 (rent) and $14.99 (purchase).

If you want to watch a Ferrari movie for free, try Solar Movie, StreamLord, or AZMovies


1. What is the Ferrari movie release date on Netflix?

As of now, there is no official confirmation about Ferrari’s release on Netflix. The movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. 

2. Is there any other Enzo Ferrari movie?

Ferrari (2023), Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend (2022), and Ford V Ferrari (2019), are among the best movies based on the life of Enzo Ferrari and his professional achievements. 

3. Is Ferrari movie streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, Ferrari is streaming on Amazon Prime Video for free in major parts of the world. However, in the US, you will have to rent it for $5.99.

4. What is the average Ferrari movie rating?

On IMDB, Ferrari has an average rating of 6.5/10. The film holds favorable feedback on Rotten Tomatoes with a 74% audience score and 72% critics score. 

5. Is the Ferrari movie a hit or flop?

Despite garnering mostly favorable reviews, Ferrari turned out to be a box office disaster, earning only $42.3 million on a budget of $95 million. 

Final Word

Whether you are an automobile enthusiast or a motorsport fan, treat yourself to the Ferrari movie this weekend, and explore the untouched chapters of Enzo Ferrari’s life. Even though the film has failed to repeat the box office success of the previous motorsport drama Ford V Ferrari, it’s still a captivating 2 hour 10 minutes tale that will surprise you, make you emotional, and give you a chance to understand the psyche of a dominant persona like Enzo Ferrari.  

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