Ferrari Mondial Price, Horsepower And Specs

The Ferrari Mondial is a special kind of Ferrari that was made from 1980 to 1993. Unlike most Ferraris, which usually have only two seats, the Mondial has four, making it a great choice for people who want a sports car but need a bit more room. It’s not as expensive as other Ferraris, so it’s a good way for more people to own a piece of this famous car brand. The Mondial combines the excitement of driving a Ferrari with the convenience of a family car. In this review, we will share all the details about its design, performance, and what it’s like to own one.

A Complete Ferrari Mondial Review

The Ferrari Mondial is an interesting chapter in the storied legacy of Ferrari. Produced from 1980 to 1993, the Mondial is unique among Ferraris for its blend of sporty performance with practical considerations, boasting four seats and being one of the more affordable models under the prestigious Ferrari banner.

1. Ferrari Mondial Design and Aesthetics

Exterior Design

The Ferrari Mondial features a distinctly 1980s design characterized by its long, flat hood and angular contours. The car sports the classic pop-up headlights and a wide stance, giving it a solid and grounded appearance. The styling is somewhat less aggressive than other Ferrari models, focusing on elegance and balance.

Interior Design

Inside, the Mondial offers a surprisingly spacious cabin for a sports car, designed to comfortably accommodate four adults—a rarity in Ferraris. The interior typically features leather upholstery and a classic Ferrari dashboard layout with clear and accessible gauges and controls. The design reflects a blend of luxury and practicality, suitable for daily driving.

2. Ferrari Mondial Performance


The Mondial was initially equipped with a 3.0-liter V8 engine, which was later upgraded in subsequent models to a 3.2-liter and eventually a 3.4-liter engine in the Mondial T variant. These engines are mounted transversely, contributing to the car’s balanced handling.


Horsepower varies by model:

  • Mondial 8: approximately 214 hp
  • Mondial QV: 240 hp
  • 3.2 Mondial: 270 hp
  • Mondial T: 300 hp


Acceleration times also improve through the model range, with the Mondial T capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds, a respectable figure for its era.

Top Speed

Top speeds range from about 140 mph in the Mondial 8 to approximately 158 mph in the Mondial T.

3. Ferrari Mondial Price

Here’s a breakdown of the Ferrari Mondial price:

  • Fair condition (higher mileage, potential issues): $40,000 – $70,000
  • Good condition (average mileage, well-maintained): $70,000 – $100,000
  • Excellent condition (low mileage, documented history): $100,000+ (can reach over $150,000 for pristine examples, especially desirable models like Mondial T and Mondial T Cabriolet)

Factors Affecting Price:

  • Model Year: Earlier Mondial models tend to be cheaper than later ones.
  • Condition: A car in excellent condition will command a higher price than one in fair condition.
  • Mileage: Lower mileage typically translates to a higher price.
  • Originality: A car with all original parts and modifications will be more valuable.

4. Technical Specifications of the Ferrari Mondial

  • Mondial 8 (1980-1982): 3.0-liter V8, producing 214 hp.
  • Mondial QV (1982-1985): 3.0-liter V8, enhanced to produce 240 hp.
  • 3.2 Mondial (1985-1989): 3.2-liter V8, producing 270 hp.
  • Mondial T (1989-1993): 3.4-liter V8, producing 300 hp.
  • Transmission: All Mondial models come with a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive.
  • Length: Approximately 179 inches.
  • Width: Approximately 71 inches.
  • Height: Approximately 50 inches.
  • Wheelbase: 104 inches.
  • Curb Weight: Ranges from 3,306 lbs in the earlier models to 3,637 lbs in the Mondial T.
  • Body Style: Available both as a 2-door coupe and a 2-door cabriolet.
  • Frame: Utilizes a steel unibody construction.
  • Suspension: Independent suspension with double wishbones, coil springs, and anti-roll bars, providing refined handling and ride quality.
  • Brakes: Four-wheel disc brakes, ensuring effective stopping power.
  • Seating: Designed to comfortably accommodate four adults, a rarity in the sports car segment.
  • Fuel Capacity: Approximately 23.8 US gallons.

5. Pros and Cons of Owning a Ferrari Mondial

The Ferrari Mondial can be a tempting choice, offering a taste of Ferrari heritage with a 2+2 seating arrangement. But is it the right fit for you? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide:


  • Ferrari Performance: It delivers a thrilling driving experience with a powerful V8 engine and sharp handling, especially for a grand tourer.
  • 2+2 Seating: The Mondial offers more practicality than traditional Ferrari two-seaters, allowing you to bring along passengers on your adventures.
  • Classic Design: The wedge-shaped design with pop-up headlights is a conversation starter, turning heads wherever you go.
  • Potential Investment: Well-maintained later models, particularly the Mondial T and Cabriolet, can appreciate in value over time.
  • Unique Ownership Experience: Owning a piece of Ferrari history is a privilege for any car enthusiast.


  • High Cost of Ownership: Ferrari ownership is expensive. Maintenance, repairs, and insurance for a Mondial can be significantly higher than everyday cars. Parts can be rare and costly.
  • Demanding Driving Dynamics: Mondial’s mid-engine layout and powerful engine require focused handling. It might not be ideal for inexperienced drivers.
  • Limited Practicality: Cargo space is limited due to the mid-engine placement. It’s not the best choice for everyday errands or frequent cargo hauling.
  • Mixed Reputation: Early Mondials received some criticism for their looks and focus on practicality over pure performance.
  • Attention and Responsibility: Owning a Ferrari attracts a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Be prepared for extra scrutiny and the responsibility of driving a valuable car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ferrari Mondial?

Ferrari Mondial is a mid-engined V8 grand tourer, produced and marketed by Ferrari from 1980 to 1993. Notably, it features styling by the renowned Pininfarina and bodywork by Carrozzeria Scaglietti.

How fast could the Ferrari Mondial 8 (1982 model) go?

The maximum speed attainable by the Ferrari Mondial 8 (1982 model) is 240km/h. In terms of acceleration, it could cover 0-400m in 14.8 seconds and 0-1000m in 27.5 seconds.

Why does the Ferrari Mondial have a lower price point?

Primarily, the Ferrari Mondial’s abundance and less favorable reputation contributed to its lower pricing. Despite these factors, the attractiveness of the Mondial as a budget-friendly Ferrari option seems to be growing.

Which is the most budget-friendly Ferrari model?

The Ferrari Mondial serves as one of the more wallet-friendly Ferrari models, due to its plentiful supply and a less glamorous reputation. Other affordable Ferrari options include Ferrari 348, Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS, Ferrari F355, Ferrari 360 Modena, Ferrari 456 GT, Ferrari 550 Maranello, and Ferrari California.

How fast is the Ferrari Mondial T?

The Ferrari Mondial T can reach a top speed of 255km/h. It accelerates from 0-100km/h in 6.3 seconds, 0-400m in 14.3 seconds, and 0-1000m in 25.8 seconds.

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